Computer repair and support services in Basingstoke

For computer repair in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, you have come to the right place! We understand that in these times where technology plays such a massive part in our lives it is essential to have a fast and reliable computer.


We strive to repair your device and get it back to you as soon as humanly possible. You can either drop your desktop/laptop off at our workshop located in the reception building of Rawlings Transport in Basingstoke, or alternatively one of our engineers will visit you at your premises.


If your computer is performing slowly, opens rogue search engine pages or has software on it that you are sure you did not install, this can be a sign of a virus or malware infecting your system. Another sign could be that your mechanical hard drive is starting to fail. Please click here for further information of how switching to a Solid State Drive (SSD) can benefit you.


We would advise you bring your computer to us for a health check to make sure the hardware is not failing and that your personal data is not being compromised.

We are now offering CCTV installation including remote monitoring if required. Please call or message for details.


If it is advice you need then give us a call or send a message to discuss your issue or project requirements. We look forward to helping you find a quick solution.


  • Remote maintenance and monitoring

  • Same day and next day onsite support

  • Microsoft server support and installation

  • Microsoft software troubleshooting

  • Workstation and network health checks

  • Virus and malicious software removal

  • Total failure recovery plans

  • Hardware diagnostics and replacements

  • Computer sales and configuration

  • Network wired/wireless installation and extension

  • Broadband setup and troubleshooting

  • Desktop/Laptop repair, configuration and upgrades

  • PC health check and performance increase

  • Email configuration and troubleshooting

  • Data recovery

  • Affordable computer tuition

  • Full CCTV installation and monitoring service

Mobile Device Support, Hampshire

Need advice on buying and setting up your phone or tablet? We can supply and advise on the best device to meet your needs.

Notebook & PC Repairs, Hampshire

We sell, repair, troubleshoot, upgrade all manufacturers of desktops and notebooks. Please give us a call or send us a message, so we can discuss your requirements.

Business Networking

We specialise in installing and supporting small business networks encorporating all versions of Microsoft server. 

Supported Operating Systems

Windows XP 

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Microsoft Server 2003 (all versions)

Microsoft Server 2008 (all versions)

Microsoft Server 2012 (all versions)

Microsoft Server 2016

Apple OSX (all versions)


As we move forward in the technological world, one of the key changes when it comes to computers is the switch to a solid state drive (SSD). There are many benefits of switching to an SSD from a mechanical hard drive (HDD), which are found in most standard PCs and laptops. One of the main benefits is the much noticeable increase in speed, with boot up and response times being vastly improved. Another key benefit is that there are no moving parts and are therefore less prone to failing, thus reliability is increased. If your PC or laptop is starting to run noticeably slower than you would like, you may be thinking that you need to replace your entire system... This is usually not necessary and could purely just be a sign of your mechanical hard drive starting to fail. We can therefore switch out your mechanical hard drive for a solid state one and transfer all of your data to the new drive. You will instantly see a huge improvement in performance and also would have spent less than half the cost of purchasing an entirely new system. For desktop PCs, this does not mean the end of the mechanical drive, as these can then be used purely for storage whilst the SSD looks after the operating system of the machine. Please feel free to contact us for a FREE quotation or further information on this service.